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Snigdha C -

RQ: To what extent does a correlation exist between high schoolers’ likelihood of selecting ethically labeled food and their performance on a subsequent test on food sustainability practices?

Aside from the details I will get after passing the surveys, I finished most of my background research and methods.

For the first part of my background, I’m discussing the diversity in ethical considerations within food production systems. I’m highlighting the disparity in ethical practices, specifically that while efforts may be made to improve the socioeconomic conditions in impoverished areas, certain products, like açaí berries, often involve exploited labor. I introduced the concept of food sustainability, defined as a method that prioritizes non-polluting processes, conservation of resources, economic efficiency, and safety for workers, and consumers. However, because the criteria for determining sustainability are ‘flexible’, I’m relying on the presence of ethical labels.

The consent forms are being passed out today and will be due on Friday. I’m a little worried about the timeline since I’m unsure if students will be able to get the consent forms in on such a short deadline but considering the students are on break next week, I’d have to extend the deadline to around March 4th, which is rather late.

Also, I mentioned in my consent form that the quiz may cause feelings of environmental anxiety and that there will be a link to an article at the end of the quiz to mitigate any environmental anxiety caused to the students so I’m trying to find an article talking about something concerning that.

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    Hey Neel! Looks like your project is going great! I wanted to ask, however, what other products aside from acai berries have you seen that exploit labor?
    Hi Snigdha! Seems like your research is moving right along. I'd love to hear about your site placement and how it is informing your research.

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