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RQ: To what extent does a correlation exist between high schoolers’ likelihood of selecting ethically labeled food and their performance on a subsequent test on food sustainability practices?

I worked on my paper this week, predominantly focusing on background research and methods.

In about a week or so, I (or Ms. Anderson) will give out consent forms to gauge the number of responses I’d get (the respondents would be opting in). Subsequently, the survey will be passed out through the students’ emails. I’m not sure if I’ll be sending out the surveys or if Ms. Anderson will, as I am trying to minimize the amount of identifying information in my hands.

In the end, I will have ‘two’ sources of data from the survey:

The first source of data is the quiz, which will allow me to get quantitative data on how much people know about sustainability in food products. The second source of data (from the same survey) will show what choices high schoolers make in choosing ethical products. The interviews are qualitative data that will hopefully answer why students made the choices they did (and hopefully provide enough data to generalize my findings to a certain extent).

Quiz & Survey: I’ll request that the students fill out a brief survey concerning hypothetical food consumption choices. A budget will be disregarded. Students will be given the option to provide their email addresses should they be willing to participate in an anonymous interview about their answers.

If students opt in for an additional interview, I will be asking them questions for about 10 minutes to determine their rationale. I will record the audio of the interview to transcribe the data, but no identifying information will be used. The audio recordings will be destroyed after their transcription.



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