Batteries as Energy Storage

Moksha D -

Hi everyone! In my last blog post I discussed various forms of storing renewable energy. Today, I will be focusing on the most efficient form of storage; batteries. 

Currently, SRP, Salt River Project, and many other utility companies have found that the best medium of storing energy is batteries which is known as electrochemical storage.

Batteries tend to be cheaper than the other forms of energy and power storage which is why SRP has implemented many sites containing lithium-ion batteries specifically. 

Last week, I learned that about 8-10 years ago SRP began to use lithium-ion batteries to store renewable energy as they found it was cheaper and more efficient than the forms I discussed last week. 

From a business perspective, SRP does not usually build the batteries themselves. The company buys the machines from vendors around the world. They send their engineers to places around the world like Austria, the Netherlands, and South Korea to inspect and discuss with fellow engineers how the battery will function. 

The engineers return with data and provide insight if they believe SRP should buy these batteries which can cost millions. 

Batteries, specifically lithium-ion batteries, are the most valuable tool to integrate renewables into the electrical power grid and in the next weeks I will be discussing the technology behind them and the issues that places like SRP still face using them.

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    Ms. Bennett
    Hi Moksha, I'd love to see what these batteries look like? I am sure they far different from the batteries I use everyday in my home :)
    Moksha Dalal
    Hi Ms. Bennett! Yes, they are very different than the ones in homes. I hope to go to a site with lithium-ion batteries soon!
    Hi Moksha - What are some of the environmental effects of manufacturing lithium-ion batteries? I'm curious to know whether SRP takes those into account in their decision to implement them.
    Hi Moksha, I was wondering if there are any limitations of lithium-ion batteries, like their lifespan or environmental impact?
    Moksha Dalal
    Hi Rohan! A typical lithium-ion battery lasts 10-15 years and SRP looks into "end of life" recycling for these batteries in an envrionmentally friendly manner.
    Moksha Dalal
    Hi Dishita! Their lifespan is 10-15 years and because they are recycled, the environment is not negatively impacted.

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