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Hello! I wanted to expand upon more of why my research is important! Climate change has been recognized as the root of many problems around the world. One of these many problems are natural disasters. As our global temperatures fluctuate, there is a higher likelihood of more droughts, tropical storms and flooding to occur. These natural disasters can leave devastating impact on communities and their resilience. Specifically, for the drought, warmer temperatures and low precipitation and decreased snowpack have augmented the chance of frequent and intense droughts. A region that lacks water supply and has frequent droughts is the Southwestern part of the United States which is why I chose to conduct my research about drought interest in Phoenix and Tucson.  

Hopefully, through my site placement at AANHPI for Equity, I will be able to understand how to actively increase awareness for environmental issues like drought awareness under the environmental justice Branch. I am excited to continue to work toward the environmental Justice Summit that will be held on Earth Day!

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    Hi Vedika, this research sounds like it could be really helpful in the future. Do you have any specific ideas your project could help increase the awareness about drought?

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