Three Dimensional Orbits

Tyler H -

Hello there,


I’m excited to announce a successful update of the code in which we have now gained the ability to simulate and report fuel consumption requirements for three dimensional Hohmann transfers. This being said it also means it’s time for me to develop plane changing burns which unfortunately seem as though they will require a fair bit of work to code as the way a computer understands and stores the data doesn’t let me simply tell it to perform a 30 degree pivot as there is a large amount of specification regarding the direction that the burn is being performed in and as to what the final desired velocity post burn would be. Currently I’m looking into using matrix transformations in order to devise a function that can describe said final velocities (the bulk of the issue I’m facing). However, reaching this stage with my project also marks a significant milestone as this is the first instance of what could be considered genuine research as most of the work I’ve been doing up until this point has been for the purpose of developing my coding skills such that the script may reach a point were it could confirm theories by providing theoretical data. Once I have moved past this stage of simulation development, I believe that I will be able to effectively analyze a variety of different procedures regarding re entry mechanics, from which point I may arrive at a fork in the road: coding in a parked satellite of which the probe must achieve synchronization with or trying to brute force calculations with trial and error.

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