The last day of the internship

Tania N -

Tuesday was the last day of the internship and as such filled with tearful goodbyes, or at least goodbyes. Of course it’s not actually goodbye, just a drastic cutting back of hours, but even then an extreme change still has an impact.

On the broader scale the internship has been quite successful, at worst it was terribly boring but all tasks required were preformed as well as possible. In terms of job experience I learned not to work a part time job without pay and more importantly how draining physical labour is when you aren’t used to it. Specific to the function of the library much of what was learned had to do with how much bureaucracy they deal with. For example the primary role of the used book store in the libraries (at least the City of Mesa Public Libraries) are to skirt issues with needing to get funding for rather important things such as new book carts without having to convince the city council to allocate funding for such. Additionally I learned just how much is done on the fly as a lot of information on organisation was lost between changes in administration such as the second sci-fi/fantasy section that people mostly had a vague idea of. Ultimately it was a strange mix of structure and chaotic work on the fly. Surprisingly working with people wasn’t the hardest part, though focusing on following direction helped but even aside from that it was easier to get along with my coworkers than I figured it would be.

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