The last couple of weeks and I need to actually do these weekly

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These last couple of weeks have been the epitome of busyness; between colleges schedules changing daily, and issues with the stress related it’s all been terribly horrible. Aside from that there’s been plenty of work done at the library. First, was my official project, organising the science fiction and fantasy stacks. If you’re familiar with the genres you might of already noticed an issue, there is significant overlap between them. I’m not talking about where it first appears to be one but is actually the other, such as Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series, it is instead the established genre of science fantasy where there are significant elements of both science fiction and fantasy. This issue is solved through the tried and true method of… guessing, we have no better option other than vibes. Other than that the only issue is figuring how much cosmetic damage a book can have and still sell which leads to the eternally tragic moment of having to recycle books with either minor damage, damage that’s easily repairable if we had time, and purely cosmetic damage. It’s been a rather easy process so far, mostly just shuffling books around on the open shelves, but it’s led to the need to learn to weed out the damaged books and scan them for pricing. Especially with how many books needed to be priced it feels like these were just being thrown there without consideration, yes, they’ve been left alone to the point where there was a thick layer of dust on some shelves but you’d think that they’d be checked before shoved somewhere. Apparently not.

Unrelated to the project is that I took this “True Colors” personality test there. My first though was that it seems to be astrology but for bureaucrats, then I got The Sage/Magician/Wizard (depending on what card set you use) as a major archetype and and The Lovers as a minor. I mean Green and Blue. It’s all just silly astrology that’s still less neat than tarot or just classic star astrology.

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