3/18/2024: Spanish Lessons with Santos

Bella O -

I have taken some time off, but I am back at Classic Promenade this week.

Today, I spent my whole time at the showroom with the Mechanic James and Santos. James is currently restoring a 1930s Lincoln with a broken exhaust valve that is being sent to an auction in California next week, and I observed him work while he explained his process. I told Santos, who’s first language is Spanish, that I took spanish classes in high school and he agreed to only speak to me in Spanish from now on. I’m glad I get to continue my Spanish skills beyond high school in a different setting such as this internship.

Harry plans on speaking with Lyn St. James, former IndyCar driver, again this week to hopefully meet up and speak with her about my future pursuits in an industry she knows much about.

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