Prologue: Why Write a Show?: 2/11/2024

Alex H -

Growing up, I have always had issues communicating with people about what I wanted to do. I have also had issues with being social and maintaining friendships. When I was about 12, I learned that this issue was the result of ADHD and high-functioning autism. This revelation helped me to understand my situation better. With this diagnosis, I was able to participate in more activities than most autistic individuals, but I still struggled a lot.

My theater experience began in 4th grade. I have been able to participate in many plays ranging from comedic to dramatic. My drama experience taught me many topics, the most important being that theater can be a great tool to teach people about sensitive topics in an entertaining way. One of the best parts that I played was the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz.

A teenager talking to an audience next to an easel.
I Don’t Want to Talk About It



A teenager talking in a lion costume
The Wizard of Oz


As such, I have made the decision to combine my love of theater with my desire to share my struggles with autism with a wider audience by creating my final product: a one man show written and performed by me. In order to help accomplish this I will be working with Places! Productions: a local theater company. I have attended several of their productions, including The Crucible and The Secret Garden. Several BASIS educators and students including my faculty advisor, Mr. Ray, are part of Places!. Included are some photos of my past performances. I will begin assisting them this upcoming Monday.  See you next week!


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