On the book and literary history.

Tania N -

So, science fiction. It’s a great genre with truly great authors, from Asimov to Leckie, Lem to McCaffrey, some of the greatest and most imaginative works of fiction have come from it (or fantasy, though given how much history the two share you can’t consider one without the other. Even Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine included some fantasy after all). From such a groundswell of creativity has sprung many a fandom (such as the original fandom, the science fiction fandom). Off of which has split many a subculture, most notably the furry fandom.

But enough about history as the story of history is not the focus of this project, the focus is writing and binding a book. The primary genre should be rather obvious given the brief introduction to the history of science fiction above, it is obviously furry. I jest as a fandom isn’t a genre, the genre is science fiction. I suppose it’s no longer the slice-of-life/romance I originally said it would be, as there isn’t time to write a whole romance plot, but the slice of life aspect is still there. If anything I’m just trying to not add twice the length of the narrative in appendixes since compressing around a decade of various notes and ideas about a universe into a short story (under the SWFA guidelines for story length) is certainly difficult, especially if you don’t take the simple route and drop someone who doesn’t know anything about the setting in. But who knows, maybe I will just add a lot of appendixes and make it an encyclopedia with a plot attached.

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