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Tania N -

So, it’s been two weeks and corporate has finally updated the e-mail attached to this account, why did it take so long? Who knows, but water under the bridge etc. Anyhoo (it’s in the dictionary) it’s been two weeks so what’s happened? A lot of waiting has happened as working for the City of Mesa requires background checks both the quick and dirty, level one background check where they check that I’m not a sex offender or terrorist and look through local records for any issues there. Then there’s the level two which is just that but more! Yay. That however that takes six to eight weeks to be processed after which the senior project will be nearly over, however as it’s only needed to interact with the general public so I can just work in the basement! Hooray for less social interaction then. There I’ll mostly be sorting books and tagging them for sale.

With that out of the way, there’s the actual project portion; that is writing and illustrating a book. For this there are a number of factors such as page size, margins, font, and binding. This will be printed on ISO A series paper (ISO 216) as due to the math of ISO paper sizes (A uses an aspect ratio of 2^(1/2) ) they scale down regularly so folding it in half will retain the ratio of the full sheet, which just looks nicer. The other reason of A series paper is simply familiarity as A series paper is decently common, the whole sheet will be A-4 making each individual page A-5. Next is binding, which I plan on doing with a simple thread and needle and possibly trying to make a hard cover. And margins and font will be decided later as it’s ultimately up to the printer and the font can also be, though a sans-serif mono font will likely be used.

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