Finale: Opening Night No.1: 4/15/2024

Alex H -

This past week was the opening night of Urinetown at East Valley High School. I can safely say that it was a smashing success. It’s been fun seeing BASIS students and current and former teachers attending the first performances to support their friends. This week as credited stage manager, I was hit with an incredible new duty: cleaning the toilet paper in between shows. Yeah, it’s a thankless job but someone’s got to do it. This week we’re moving to the Mesa Arts Center. I have also returned to rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast.

A man in a light booth.
Me at work on Saturday.

I’ve successfully managed to finish the first draft of my show. I’ll admit it, I was very stressed about the writing process this week. The way I was able to deal with it was quite simple. I cut up everything I had and placed it on the floor in order to better move it around and see what order worked. I’ve sent it off to several trusted individuals to give feedback.

Paper on a floor.
The cutting-room floor!

I would also like to present to you the official invitation to my presentation of my one man show. I hope you’ll all be able to make it. See you for the final week!


I hope you can make it!The invite

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