February 7, 2024: Welcome to my world! Let me introduce myself and disclose a few things.


Hello everyone, and welcome to my world! Quite literally- you’ll see what I mean.

My name is Bryn Bradley and I’m a high school senior at BASIS Mesa. All that speaks for itself. The senior project I’ll be documenting here for everybody to see will be about storytelling!

You might be thinking, “but Bryn, your site placement is solely based on animation, not storytelling! Where in the world are all the other components?” Good point! I’ll happily explain right here, right now.

So at my site, I’ll be learning the basics of 2D rigging animation with no prior experience in the field. As for the aforementioned “other components,” I’ll be teaching myself at home. Those would be voice acting and script writing for an animated show I plan to share with the world.

As for site details? Here’s an honest answer- I do not have a site placement just yet. Don’t get mad at me for this, but people just haven’t been responding to my emails and, if they have, they’ve been responding rather negatively. Don’t worry though! I’ll ensure I get a site placement by the beginning of next week and I’ll make a new post with all the information.

Let me put this into other words. Have you ever watched elimination-based competition shows before? If you haven’t, some examples are Battle for Dream Island, Inanimate Insanity, Total Drama Island, Survivor, and Big Brother, among countless others that people have either made or hosted. The first three were made, but in case you want to know where my inspiration lies, it’s in the first two shows.

Why, you may ask? The competitors, believe it or not, are all living, breathing, talking, walking objects!

Yes, objects! I’m talking about chairs, pencils, markers, boxes…anything and everything in between. All competing for a highly desirable prize they can take home with them. That is, if there even is a prize- in some cases, there is not.

I plan to make a show of the same magnitude, but with a few personalized twists in which I’ll share later in a different post.

Speaking of posting, I’m not the kind of person who only posts once per week. If anything, the frequency of my posting is going to be bi-daily. I like to constantly update the masses on what I’m up to, so be sure to check this blog regularly for new updates!

Anyway, I already talked about the animation, so let’s talk about the components that I’ll be teaching myself how to do. That is, voice acting and script writing. Both of which there are creators of these types of shows that post tutorials and advice. I’ll be watching and referencing tutorial videos in this blog for you all to reference or if you want to do what I will be doing!

For the voice acting, I plan to voice most of the characters that will be in my show, but I simply cannot voice all of them. If you want to have a cast, you have to have different voices, right? Most likely, my little brother will be one of the voice actors, but hey- if you are reading this and you are someone who is interested in auditioning for a specific character, let me know! One of my future posts will be the characters that I plan to voice and those that require other actors, so you will know in advance.

Now for the writing. I plan to at least make the pilot episode of the show an introduction to each character in the format of comedic audition videos. There is a funny twist to the episode that I do not wish to share just yet. You’ll find out a little later!

And yes, I plan to do this all with little to no prior experience directing and producing videos/series for YouTube.

So to all you juniors stressing about senior projects next year, yes, you can do an internship that covers something you’ve never even experimented with in your life. That will impress the snot out of the senior project coordinators, I’m sure.

Moving on, so far, you guys know little to nothing about my little characters and their lives. In a future post, which will be released between today and tomorrow, I’ll be introducing the characters I have spent years developing and putting them into object form. That does not mean that assets will be released- I have not started those yet. That means that names and baseline personalities will be disclosed, as well as inspirations!

Let’s close this introductory, very early post on this note. I intend for this blog to be a little more live action so you can sort of witness the episode development process in action. I can also share some tips for any future animators/storytellers out there!

And here’s your first one: never be afraid to tell your story. I know it sounds a little cliche, but if you have an imagination and you want to use it, by all means, use it!

That’s all from me for now! See you soon!

P.S. Just in case you’re wondering where my images are, I have one of the concept art I made for the cast of the show that I will share with you all next post.

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    Coming from someone with a creative mind, I can really appreciate you learning something completely new and building a 2d animation from the ground up, including character backgrounds and more. I was wondering what kind of software you will be using for your animation, if any at all.
    Why did you choose an elimination show as a premise?

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