Entr’acte: All About the Play: 3/24/2024

Alex H -

I am entering the serious writing and revision phase of my show right now. My writing is like the icing on a cake, and I need to write the cake itself.

I am currently not needed for Beauty and the Beast because at this time Ms. Nelson is helping to make the “flatware entertaining”. Rehearsal for Urinetown is going along smoothly, and I am currently in charge of tracking props and where they enter from so I can set them up on show days. However, this week I wanted to touch upon Urinetown the musical itself since I am sure that a lot of you want to know what it is all about with such a wacky title.

A scrpit with notes
One of my marked up script pages.

This musical was written, composed, and lyricized by Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann and premiered in 1999 at the Fringe Festival in Manhattan. According to Kotis, the idea first came to him when he noted the abundance of pay per use toilets in Europe during a backpacking trip. The basic plot revolves around a town where all “private business” is done at public urinals due to a drought. All of these toilets are controlled by the greedy Urine Good Company (UGC). Bobby Strong, a urinal worker, falls in love with Hope Cladwell, the daughter of the UGC’s CEO, and is inspired to lead a revolt against the company’s corrupt urination practices. Hijinks ensue. As stated in its opening words, it serves as a parody of so-called “happy musicals.” Characters often break the fourth wall with Officer Lockstock serving as the narrator and the character of little Sally serving as a representation of the audience and basically the critics who would dare scrutinize this *clear and obvious masterpiece of musical theater entertainment* and *winner of 3 Tony Awards including Best Book*.

Performances are at East Valley High School from April 12-14 and Mesa Arts Center from April 18-21.  To buy tickets, click here. Have a good week!

Some sheet music
A cast favorite song from the show!

*Read as generic announcer from Disney DVD ads from the aughts.

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