Dance Break: Keeping Myself Organized: 3/3/2024

Alex H -

My work at Places! Productions is going along swimmingly. This Friday both the teen and the adult casts ran through the entire first act of the play. I was able to stand in a lot more for absent actors and perform a few songs. I am also trying to work hard to find other ways that I can help out with the production. During rehearsals, usually both casts are rehearsing at the same time, but on Friday each cast ran through the first act separately once. It is also important to note that several people are in both casts (not necessarily playing the same parts), which means a lot of extra work for them. My schedule looks like things are about to start heating up when we start working in the actual high school’s theater in a couple of weeks.

A calendar
My April is going to be busy.

As far as writing my own show is concerned I have kept on writing stories of my life to add to it. Some advice that I have gotten is to write the stories first and worry about improving them later. To that end, I have drafted up an outline of some examples of topics that I can write stories about. I might not be able to tell them all, but I want to tell the important ones. I use voice typing on Word in order to fully convey my voice in the stories that I tell.

Currently, I’m working with my advisors to find a date and a venue for the performance. Please let me know if you’d like an invitation. I hope you all have productive weeks.





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    Sounds exciting, what are some differences you've seen or expect to see between the actual high school's theater and the one at BASIS?
    You've asked a great question and given me an idea on a future blog post.
    At this point, does everyone need to have their lines/songs memorized, or are you still reading from scripts?
    Alex, I would absolutely love an invitation. I love that you are using voice typing, not only because it's efficient, but also because the way you conceive of art has such an effect upon the final product. I imagine that telling the stories out loud (as opposed to writing them down) may suit your one man show better than writing. Well done. I'm eager to hear your ideas about how to select a venue. Well done.
    The actors in the show are using their scripts as we are still blocking scenes
    You are welcome to come Ms. Giles.

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