Act Two: BYU and Behind the Scenes: 3/31/24

Alex H -

This week, I was able to fit in some time in between my theater work in order to attend a college tour at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I actually have a bit of family history with this institution as my dad attended there in his youth. During the tour, I was able to check out a large number of the buildings as well as discussed accessibility options for me if I chose to attend. Below is a picture of the university’s signature “Y” Mountain covered in snow.

A mountain of snow
Can you spot the “Y?”

During my recent work with Places!, I had the opportunity to work a little more behind the stage. One of the things that I did that was interesting was helping to rig up a crash pad. Utilizing 3 mattresses donated by one of the actor’s families, some of the other cast members and I helped to build the safety pad at the foot of a scaffolding. It’s surprisingly bouncy. In order to see why we need the crash pad, you will have to see the show. There is still time to purchase tickets on their website.

A stack of mattresses
Safety first!

I would also like to announce that my show officially has a date, place and time: April 26th at BASIS at 6 pm, with refreshments to follow. You are all invited, so be on the lookout for more details.

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