4/8/24: Preparing to Interview the Curator

Valeria R -

This past week, I began preparing for my interview with David Rubin which will be occurring later this week. I’ve been unknowingly preparing this whole time by simply familiarizing myself with all events and controversies surrounding the Old Glory exhibit, but last week I listened to Rubin’s own words through radio and newspaper interviews. I particularly enjoyed listening to the radio shows (which have been digitized from cassette tapes) with jingle intros and segments where the public would call in to seek help with problems we today would typically turn to the internet to solve, like flea infestations or clothing stains. What I found from these interviews is that Rubin was very adamant about his decisions as exhibit curator and stood his ground against criticism which I admired and appreciated.

One radio show which also interviewed artists of the exhibit and allowed the public to call in with their opinions

Most of my questions for Rubin are related to the current political and artistic climate, because I’m wondering how the Old Glory Exhibit would be received today. Many questions like ‘do you truly consider this exhibit art?’ or ‘don’t you think that this exhibit is disrespectful to our veterans?’ were answered countless times by Rubin, so I’ll avoid asking those.

I also continued work on Old Glory’s finding aid, adding to the Historical and Content Note sections to provide context to the exhibit files.

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