4/22 The last couple weeks at the shops

Hayden V -


I cannot thank the shops for the opportunity over the last couple months. From the stupid jokes to the busted nuckles from pushing on a wrench too hard.

At TurnStyle, they invited me to come hangout after shop hours and work on personal cars. I helped Austin, a tech, get his car driving. Even if it was just a out of the shop and a quick back and forth, it was pretty awesome to be apart of the first drive of his BMW E30. I also helped Matt, the owner, clean his 2JZ engine.



At UMS, I saw the highest horsepower car since Ive started interning. The Mitsubishi Evo 9 pushed a wopping 998 hp to the wheels. Absolutely crazy when the average car is has about 200-300 horsepower.



Ive also had the most obscure car on the dyno so far, which was a frankenstein rock crawler. He wants to compete in the King of the Hammers, which is considered the hardest rock crawling race in the United States.

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