4/22/24: The End

Connor O -

As I made last week’s post, a certain realization came to me that I was much closer to finishing the helmet than I anticipated. In just a few hours, I managed to get the whole thing assembled and officially complete:


This week I plan on doing more of a professional photoshoot of the helmet in more varying angles, but here is a look at the interior:


The crushed red velvet came along very nicely and bonded well with the closed-cell foam. There is about an inch of foam at the very top of the helmet and closer to a quarter of an inch on the sides. Overall, the helmet is very comfortable and doesn’t have any pressure points or wobble when it sits on my head. It is, however, quite heavy — the final weight, cloth included, is 4.8 pounds! That is roughly the same weight as a half-gallon of milk, but with the foam cushioning your head it isn’t completely overwhelming. It sure would have been much heavier had I made the helmet out of copper or brass, which are each around 10% denser than steel.

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    Connor! I love the idea of wearing a half gallon of milk on my head into battle. This is such an amazing piece. Now that I see it, though, I don't quite understand what the u-shaped hooks are on front and back . . . what purpose do they serve? Also, how did you affix the foam & the material? Very much looking forward to seeing your presentation dress rehearsal later this week.
    Have you tested it out?

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