4/1 – The racecar lives (UMS Tuning)

Hayden V -

UMS Tuning has added a new person to the workers, his name is Steve, and has the nickname Evo Steevo. His specialty is in Mitsubishi Evolutions (Evos), which is a majority of the big money cars at UMS. He was at UMS for only a week and he had the Evo racecar already running which was pretty amazing.

I worked on a Jeep with a supercharger. Brendan, the shop foreman, showed me that when the car was running, the harmonic balancer was shaking. The harmonic balancer spins all the belts for the alternator, supercharger, and power steering pump. I started by taking off the supercharger pulley to check if it was sitting flat on the balancer. It was not. It’s supposed to be press-fit with bolts to hold it, but the piece that slides into the balancer was too long, causing the supercharger pulley to not lay flat. I removed it and had Javi, the shop fabricator, lathe the piece down to fit correctly. It took two tries, but eventually, we got it to lay flat and not wobble when running.


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