4/1 – Disappointment

Hayden V -

Progress was been slow as of recently, reasonably after learning about part delays. I messaged the company I bought a spacer ring from, and they replied that they would not be getting the spacers in for at least another 3-4 weeks, arriving at the very end of April at best. This put a very big cog in the gears since I need the part to put the engine and transmission together. It was a big reality check because I was moving relatively quickly, still behind schedule but still do able, but now I have been told that no matter how much work I put in, I wont be able to get the car running/ driving by graduation. It sucks, and it very moral killing. Since learning about it, I have barely touched the car except for a small amount of work.








I painted the rest of the underbody with the black truck bed liner. The previous owner actually already did a underbody coating so it probably does nothing to add more, but the black under the car looks much more clean.

I also put the differential in. I have landed on an accent color, it is going to be bright yellow.

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