3/4/2024: From Jackie Kennedy’s Limo to Meeting Legends

Bella O -

I have been spending more time with the mechanic, James. Even though he has many years of experience, he learns something new every day because of the uniqueness of the cars. He still works on these cars, because it is a passion of his, and he enjoys cars because he grew up around his father working on race cars in Pennsylvania. He told me how he seriously injured his finger working on electrical of a Porsche 911, stressing the importance of focus and safety while working on these machines.

A Rolls-Royce is being sent to its owner in Portugal, and because of the complexity of the vehicle due to its old age, there is a multistep process to get this car started. I listened to James describe a step by step process, of how to start the engine, for Chip to write down to give to whoever needs to operate the vehicle during it’s transport over seas.

It has been a busy week at Classic Promenade, as they are preparing for Mecum Action which is being held March 5-9th which I look forward to attending this Friday. 12 of the cars in the showroom that haven’t been sold have been transported these past few days to StateFarm Stadium in Glendale. I have loved seeing these cars, and watching Chip, James, and Santos become annoyed with each other while rearranging these fragile and expensive cars around the showroom in order to easily transport them out and onto the truck.

Today was probably my favorite day at my internship so far, because I got to ride in a 1990 Porsche 944 as well as Jackie Kennedy’s limo. Even though I was only in these cars for a few minutes while Chip drove me into the moving truck, I had a smile on my face because of how fascinated I was that everything in the car was original. I will include pictures of both these cars below.

This weekend is the NASCAR Cup Series Race in Phoenix which I might be attending with my dad if I am able to obtain tickets. I am not a huge fan of Nascar, because as Mr. Kirschner explained NASCARs are more like a minivan while Formula style cars are rocket ships on wheels. I do not follow this area of motorsport, I really want to experience being at a race track as I have never been to one before.

Also, Harry contacted Lyn St. James to set up a possible time for me to meet with her as she will be in town next week. Lyn is a former race car driver who competed for the IndyCar series and is one of nine women who have qualified for the Indy 500, and  the first woman to win the Indy 500 Rookie of the year award. I am excited to speak with her about her experiences in motorsport as a woman, and how I would like to enter that world as an engineer.

1990 Porsche 944:

1990 Porsche 944
   Jackie Kennedy’s Limo:
Jackie Kennedy Limo
I am getting better at remembering to take pictures so here is a pic of James in the trunk of the Buick Electra:

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    How did they get their hands on some of these cars?
    David Kirschner
    Good morning Bella, my favorite engineer! This is great! Keep connecting with people. Advice from those who have been there is the way to go. Here are names you might want to tuck away for future use: Buddy Rice (Indy 500 winner-2004) Arie Luyendyk (Indy 500 winner-1990 and 1997) They live in the valley. Can't wait to chat later. :) Best, Mr. Kirschner
    That's amazing about potentially meeting Lyn St. James. I also love that you are potentially headed to the race this weekend. Wonderful work!
    The Mecum Auction sounds like a great chance to meet more people in the community of vintage car enthusiasts. Will you be playing any direct role in selling the cars at the auction or you are just going as a spectator?
    I am not exactly sure how they get their hands on some of these cars, but they are very well known for selling classic cars and they are well trusted in the industry.
    Thank you do much for these names Mr. Kirschner!
    Yes, I am very excited. I will be going as a spectator watching Harry who is involved in selling the cars.
    David Kirschner
    Good morning Bella, My family and I are going to the NASCAR Saturday race. There are tickets available for that, so hope you are going as well. It would be a good experience for you. Let me know if you need any suggestions. Enjoy your day. Best wishes! Mr. Kirschner :)
    Im always following the auction market and I saw that Mecum was coming. They have some of my favorite cars on the auction block this week so I wish I couldve gone to see them. I hope you have a fun time looking at the expensive cars there!
    David Kirschner
    Good evening Bella, I hope you have been enjoying your "Spring Break Season." I was wondering if you did have a chance to attend the NASCAR race that was in town recently. I was wondering if anything sparked your curiosity or interest. What did you think? As always, I look forward to see you and hearing how things are progressing on your end. Let me know how I can help. Keep progressing and reaching out to others. Keep reaching for your dreams. Just and FYI...NHRA will be in town soon. All the best, :) Mr. Kirschner

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