3/25/2024: Classic Cars to Racing Stars

Bella O -

I have spent the past week with James, watching him repair a few cars that are being sold. He has been working on repairing the air conditioning in a 1959 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, which has been a very time consuming process. James and Santos finished working on the 1930s Lincoln, and it won first place in a car show in California after many hours of repairs put in by James.

Today I was informed that I will be going to lunch with former IndyCar driver Lyn St. James this Friday, along with my mentor Harry, to discuss questions I have for her regarding her experiences in the racing world. Harry also asked me if I would be interested in stopping by his friend’s auto shop in mesa sometime this week to see what repairs are going on their.

I have a picture of the Silver Cloud but I am unable to upload it currently.


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