3/19/24: Besides Old Glory…

Valeria R -

This past week I finished organizing three filing cabinets’ worth of files into the following categories which have been modified since they were first established, and will probably continue to be modified as too many piles don’t quite fit into the folders.

  • Contextual Information
    • The Flag: cultural context
    • The Flag: political history
    • Museum
    • External art events
  • Collection Information
  • Exhibit Information
    • General info
    • Loan Info
    • Artwork + Artists
    • Filming
    • Shipping
    • Budget + Expenses
    • Purchase orders
  • News Clippings
  • Public Reaction
    • Political
      • Politician statements
      • Public letters to government
    • Organization/corporate
    • Papers/studies
    • Public
      • Pro
      • Con
  • Visitor Commentary Books
  • Ephemera
  • Museum Generated Material
    • Museum response to controversy
    • News Releases
  • Events + Meetings
    • OG public events
    • Advisory Committee
    • Staff Meetings
  • Photos/Slides
  • David Rubin Personal Correspondence
Letters from the public to the museum: pro vs anti-exhibit piles…you can probably guess which is which.
The largest pile: exhibit information. Each sticky note is a different subcategory.

Besides poring over all things Old Glory, the museum staff had a Pi Day pie baking contest (my site advisor Aspen’s Kentucky Derby pie deservingly won,) I looked through more old exhibit catalogues including “It’s Only Rock and Roll” which was curated by Rubin after “Old Glory,” and ate a delicious steak and veggie lunch which the museum provides monthly to staff.

Happy Pi day


Some polls implying that the large anti-exhibit pile may have actually been the minority.

Beatles artwork from the Rock and Roll Exhibit:

Beatle Maniacs by Jim Shaw
Far and Few… by Jess

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    Could you tell me about the Kentucky derby pie?
    It's interesting to see how some people perceive the role of government/censorship. I think some of these responses are kind of extreme and especially since we're only a two party system, it shows some insight into how parties have to appeal to these diverse views.
    Kasey Ray
    Hey Valeria! Just an awesome project that I thoroughly enjoy keeping tabs on! Question for you: What is the relationship between Phoenix Art Museum and the city of Phoenix? Are they funded by taxpayers or entrance fees, or both? I think the answer to that would give some insight into government officials considering backlash. Thanks!
    The Kentucky Derby Pie was a chocolate chip and pecan pie.. very tasty!
    Hello Mr Ray! Great question. At the time of this exhibit, the museum building/property was owned and funded by the city of Phoenix, but the museum's exhibits were privately funded, so Old Glory was not payed for by taxpayers. This is something David Rubin and museum director Jim Ballinger had to keep on repeating as many complaints about the exhibit were falsely claiming that people's tax money was funding it!
    I agree Connor! I was honestly expecting less polarized views than what I've seen; I was under the impression that the public was not as divided politically in the 90s compared to today.

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