3/18/2024 – The Diesel Delica lives.

Hayden V -

The past 2 weeks at Turn Style have been filled with laughter and learning

To begin, I assisted Ethan in reinstalling the engine into the Delica van. It was a lengthy process due to the limited space available for fitting the engine. There are only two methods for inserting the engine: through the door or by removing the cab from the frame. Since Turnstyle had no open lifts available, we opted to insert the engine through the door. It took three of us to maneuver the engine through the door, and then the challenge was to align and connect the transmission to the engine, a process known as “stabbing” the transmission.

Stabbing the transmission involved aligning and connecting it to the engine, which proved to be quite challenging. It reached a point where Matt, the Co-founder and owner, stepped in to assist Ethan, Austin, and me. It became a back-and-forth process of adjusting the engine and transmission, moving them up and down to achieve alignment. Eventually, Matt became frustrated and declared he would take over. He swiftly positioned the engine and transmission to his liking and began maneuvering the engine independently. At one point, Ethan stated, “Okay, I’m going to move the transmission,” to which Matt replied, “You aren’t going to touch anything,” eliciting a laugh from me. Matt’s experience became evident as he quickly and efficiently stabbed the transmission into place.

Last week I helped Gary paint a Nissan 240SX, since I just painted my own car. It was mostly me explaining to him what he should do, and he would go and paint the panels himself in a inflatable paint booth. He is painting a very dark purple color which looks amazing when there is clear coat on it.

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