2/26/2024: A Week in the Life of a Music Curator

Bella O -

I have been put to work at Classic Promenade this past week. I was tasked to do research on a 1959 Buick Electra 225 Convertible I mentioned last week to help write a description for the car in order to sell it. I learned about how this car was the first generation of Buick Electras, and it is distinct because of a new styling which included slanted headlights in front and a highly chromed square grille. The Buick Electra was introduced in 1959 replacing the Roadster and Super as Buick’s premium model. 

A huge part of selling these classic cars is creating promotional materials such as videos of Harry or Chip explaining the details of the cars and then videoing the cars being driven with a drone. I had the job of selecting new background music for these videos. I used Sound Stripe to filter through instrumental music with an uplifting and inspirational mood. Because the age demographic for customers of this dealership is 65+, due to the rarity and the pricey nature of these cars, I was instructed to select songs that matched the vibe of the older generation. I also had to make a few more phone calls to try to source a 2.5 inch parking cap for a Phantom 2 Rolls Royce. I was unsuccessful in finding this part yet again, but will continue to help them look for this cap.

I have started watching the series 100 Days to Indy, which is similar to Drive to Survive,  and I am learning about the interworking of the different IndyCar teams. Whether it be the drivers, engineers, or strategists, I find it fascinating to see the behind the scenes of this sport because of its complexity and the passions these teams have to win.

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    What songs did you pick?
    David Kirschner
    Have you considered going to the Long Beach Grand Prix for IndyCar? Watch the beginning Intro to the 1992 Indianapolis 500 which is set to music for ideas and considerations. I'll discuss photography with you when I see you today. :) Keep it up, and rise and shine. You are so ready for this project.
    Do you still help fly the drone for the promotional videos?
    I don't have the names of the songs, because they are all from the website Sound Stripe which requires a subscription which is only on Harry's computer. All of the songs were simply inspiring instrumental background music.
    Yes Mr. Kirschner, I have considered attending the Long Beach Grand Prix, and it is the most plausible race for me to attend due to its location and pricing. I will update you when I know if I will be able to go or not. I will be sure to watch the beginning of the 1992 Indy 500 as well!
    I have not helped fly the drone since i crashed it into the tree; however, I film Harry and Chip explaining cars such as the Buick Electra in the showroom simply on their Iphone.
    Cool to see you are being given tasks that will be used on the companies website. There's a movie called Rush which is about Niki Lauda and his infamous F1 crash in the 1970s, very good movie. What year is the Rolls Royce Phantom?
    Yes I have seen Rush, it is a great movie. Also, the Rolls Royce Phantom is a 1934 model.

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