WEEK 9: The Finalizing Begins

Payton B -

This week was finally the start of the next step. Firstly, I ran the code that I have been working on for 6 weeks now and this created a file of data that I then sent through period04. Period04 then created a Fourier transform of the data. I then sent this Fourier transform through three rounds of code multiple times. The first one displayed the data on a graph with three lines. These three lines were the white noise, the red noise, and the TESS data. I then had to mess with some variables until I could get the graph to appear to look roughly the same as some other graph. This is when I would take those variables as well as the Fourier transform to the second code. When I input the variables into the code, it would take the estimations that I made and give me the exact numbers that I was looking for. I would then take these variables to the third code. This part of the process is when I went from understanding what I was doing to just following the steps. I input them into the code then it would run and give me a very simple-looking graph because it was really zoomed out because the code did a guess and check to find the right point to test. I would then give it some number called the burnin which was a number that it would skip so that it was only checking data points that were accurate. It would then run again and give me a graph that looks like a two-year-old was given some crayons and a piece of paper. It would also give me some images and if the images were circular it is good and if they were crazy or off of the screen they were bad. I don’t really understand the images but they somehow told us if it was good or bad. Also, it would take about an hour to run this code and if I did anything else, the code would crash so I made sure to bring my own computer so that I could begin working on my final project while I waited though I did not make as much progress as I had wanted.

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