Week 9: Plotting Problems

Edward A -

Hello everyone, week 9 is now complete! I can’t believe there is only one more week left until we’re done!

This week I began working with period 04 heavily. The way Becca wanted me to do it varied slightly from how Dr. Richardson initially showed us, however, the process is overall similar. Insert the light curve data from a star, approve a few data points, and let the program process the data for you! However, even after period 04, we have to run that newly processed data through a few more lines of code to get back specific collected data from the star, such as white noise, gamma, and a few more.

However, once I got to the second to last code I had to run the data through from the first star, I ran into problems. It straight-up wouldn’t run the code whatsoever. I tried to figure out the problem myself but even with Payton’s help, I couldn’t figure it out. I met with Becca eventually. It was a mix of problems. For one, the star was a “weird star” that wouldn’t process as it should through our code. I also had to install another add-on for Jupyter and remove a few lines of code. And eventually, I got it back up and running. I was able to get my first completed star graphs! It was something to see a final product finally made.


Next week, I’ll continue this with the remaining stars and well, finish this project! I’m excited to get the end data for more stars, it was a wonderful experience working with them. Thanks for checking in, see you all next week!

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