Week 8: Take 2

Edie L -

The big thing for this week will be to see if the new version of the lab is clearer than the last. This will happen on Thursday. After this week, there will be one more week where students have the opportunity to do the lab. This is because it is towards the end of the year, so just like school, students have to finish up classes. The next week will be the last week for students to get the chance to do the lab. Before the lab, I helped Professor Eaton prepare. I made more stock solution. This is for the microplate lab. Students will make dilutions using the micropipettes, and have an unknown solution as well. The students will have to determine the concentration of the unknown solution. The unknown solution has a concentration of 1000 micrograms per milliliter (ug/mL). We needed to make more unknown solution, so I measured and diluted the protein. Instead of making a concentration 1000 ug/mL, I increased it. When I was making the concentration, I measured out 0.005 grams of whey protein. Surprisingly, it was harder for me to measure out that amount. Everytime I would put the weigh paper onto the scale, it would read 0.003 or 0.006 grams. I took a while for me finally get 0.005 grams. When I weighed out the right amount, I poured it into a vile, and pipetted 5 milliliters into it. I did this twice so that we have enough unknown solution for the students. After that, we just had to wait until the students performed tha lab to see if it goes better. The students were doing the FTIR lab more than the micropipette lab, so me and Professor Eaton had a chance to see if that lab reads smoothly. Before, students were doing more of the micropipette lab, so this time it was nice to see the other lab in action. There was some confusion on how many scans they are supposed to do. This is because the procedure says to do 4 scans of the same sample and 1 scan for the rest. I think we need to clarify the procedure more for this lab like we did for the micropipette lab last week.

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