Week 7: Graphing To Come

Edward A -

Week 7 is now done, everyone! I can’t believe we’re going to be in the final 3 weeks of this project. But this week was a fairly smooth and exciting week!


Dr. Richardson introduced us to period 04, the application I talked about last week we’ll use to graph the star’s data in more detail. Dr. Richardson showed us the basics and how to set up the application and run a star’s data through it, however, thta’s really as far as we got. I’m not quite sure what to do with the graph after it’s made. I hope to ask Becca or Dr. Richardson about it next week to make sure.


We also got to meet a really cool guest speaker at an event held at Embry Riddle that Dr. Richardson invited us to. Leland Melvin, a former NASA astronaut. He gave a really motivating presentation about how he became an astronaut despite all the challenges and struggles he faced. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to go, it really did inspire to keep moving forward and work hard toward my goals, no matter what I face in life.


From here on out, it should overall be a continuation of what I’ve been doing, coding the stars in python, process them in period 04, and once I learn what to do with the period 04 graphs, begin finishing stars entirely. I can’t believe the end of these 10 weeks is just over the horizon, can’t wait to see what results we come up with at the end! Thanks for keeping up to date, see you all next week!


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    I am excited to see the result of your time graphing these stars, and what you will do with them. Speaking to a former astronaut must have been very insightful, and I am glad to see that you took inspiration from him!
    Hi Edward! I would die to talk to a former astronaut, so I'm so glad you heard from one. I also cannot believe how much you've done so far, can't wait for the results! :)

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