WEEK 4: Good Progress and Future Plans

Payton B -

This week was very similar to last week. It was more of comparing the TESS data to the ASAS-SN data but for other stars. Last week, I had only managed to finish comparing the data for one star since I was still getting used to the process, but this week, I was able to complete the data for 5 other stars and get started on a sixth. I was able to complete the data for the stars CPD-69 500, HD 6884, HD 37836, HD 38489, and HD 90177, and get started on HD 37974. HD 6884 is an interesting star because it is in a smaller area of space where there are not many Luminous Blue Variables (LBVs). Because of this, we did not get quite as much data for this star, so it was a lot easier to compare, however, the data that we did compare was way more interesting than it was for many of the other stars. On Thursday, I had technical difficulties with the monitor that I was using so I had to work on another one which caused some inconveniences. 

Because of our progress this week, we have been making good time to complete this step for all of the stars. Although there are still about 20 more stars to do, we are getting much closer to the time when we get to move on to the next step. While I do not yet know what this next step will be, I am excited to learn more. A lot of the remaining stars have less data than the ones that I have completed so they will be much easier to complete. Therefore, my goal for next week is to complete at least 15 of the remaining stars so that we can get to work on the next step as soon as possible.

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    Hi Payton! It looks like you are making lots of progress but still have so much more to complete! What is your end product going to be? I don't know if someone has asked this but I don't remember...I'm happy to hear that everything is going well with your stars though!
    Taylor Phelan
    Payton, my homie, what cool research! Do you think you’ll be able to complete the 15 remaining stars next week? Can’t wait to find out!
    Thats sounds like a lot of work to do. How long does it take you to get data from one star?

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