WEEK 10: Bone Appetite

Lena T -

Hey guys!

As this senior project is coming to a close, this isn’t the end of my research. I hope to continue looking for preventive ways to protect the next generation from the ‘silent disease’ and hopefully become part of the massive groups, who are still looking into treatments to better the quality of lives with those who do have it already. This week I have been crunching numbers and generating QR codes for my upcoming informational pamphlets! Here is a sneak peek :>

Canva is my best friend :>

I have been interning at AZ Neurosurgery and Spine for almost a year now and I am absolutely sure that Medicine is what I want to go into! My role model here is Donna G (RN BSN) and she is always looking for ways in which her practice can be better at serving the patients that come through the door. Donna has given me so many opportunities here from this amazing internship such as shadowing during procedures and surgeries, teaching me basic Nursing 101, and trusting me with looking after patients. Besides helping patients, I also have been sent on missions like fixing the printers and seeking out how to modify automated text messages sent out to patients.

My advice for the future senior project planners is to pick an interest and go for it! Your interest could lead you to endless career opportunities that could be waiting for you. Who knows~ you might become an engineer during your senior project like me! Make sure to give yourself enough time to plan out your next steps. For me, I think the hardest obstacle I had to overcome were to ask patients if they would like to complete my survey, many of them said no, and then I would be scared to go up to the next patient. I had a lot of fun writing my blogs so if you end up doing a senior project, I hope you will enjoy this part too!

Until next time! Thank you for coming along on this journey with me!!

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