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My name is Toby, and because I’ve been planning my bid for the 2044 U.S. Presidency since the 8th grade, I chose to do this project to explore the inner workings of a political election. Encouraging civic engagement is something I’m deeply passionate about, and I’m grateful to and encouraged by everyone who joins me on this journey to put it into action!

For the next few months, I’ll be conducting interviews with elected officials – incumbents, former candidates, rural, urban, Democrats, Republicans – as broad of a sample size as possible, to get a well-rounded view of what makes a successful candidate. In the end, I hope to publish a comprehensive guide on how to run an election and to achieve political office. You can read my detailed project proposal here.

Just to clarify, my site placement is not a straightforward internship.  To conduct this project, I will work with Professor Luke Perez from ASU’s School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership, and he will advise me in each stage of my project, from the survey to the interviews. However, my actual internship and hours will be taking place at a variety of offices, city councils, and campaigns, so that I can get wide-ranging practical experience.

Thanks again for joining me on what is the final stretch of my high school career, and the first steps in my path to the presidency in 2044!

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