Sofia R's Senior Project Blog

Project Title: Exploration of Emergency Medicine: How it Works
BASIS Advisor: Christine Bradford
Internship Location: Prescott Fire Department
Onsite Mentor: Dr. Jessica Matthews

Project Abstract

What happens when you call 911? How does a patient get proper care and transportation when needed? In my project, I am looking at how on-scene emergency medicine works, what different positions do, and how different first responding groups work together to give the best care possible to patients in need. Every day, people have to call for help, which can cause lots of anxiety and stress. Through this project, I will highlight what first responders do to help patients, and create a guide to educate individuals on how this system works. Hopefully, by knowing what happens when this number is called, people will know what to expect and decrease their anxiety. I will be conducting my project with the Prescott Fire Department. I will talk to medical professionals, do ride-alongs to calls, and learn about the equipment they use. By interacting with this agency, I can develop a vast sense of knowledge on how firefighters conduct calls. I observe this group with their consent, and learn from their wisdom and experience. Hopefully, my project will educate the public on how this system works, and create a broader sense of peace for patients and families calling 911.

    My Posts:

  • Week 10: Last Call

    Hello. This project has finally come to an end, and now I get to bunker down and practice my presentation. My presentation is May 9th at 5 pm at BASIS Prescott. I will be making a final product which is a pamphlet which explains when to call 911 as well as examples of different calls.... Read More

  • Week 9: Almost Done

    Hello This week was very exciting. I ran almost 15 calls! Not only did I get to see more patient interactions and treatment plans, but I also got to practice with a crew for active shooter training. Active shooter training allows the crews to get used to responding to mass casualty incidents. Last time I... Read More

  • Week 8: Out of the Box

    Hi! This week I got to see some things that do not necessarily pertain to my project but is essential for firefighters to be able to care for patients. There were two training sessions that I got to attend, and even be a "patient" for. The first was TRT training. TRT stands for Technical Rescue... Read More

  • Week 6: Getting Anxious

    Hi! Overtime, I have found myself being able to better understand vitals! As I continue to go on different calls, I am able to distinguish a good or bad blood sugar level, as well as blood pressure. This might not seem so important, but they are both very telling. For example, one patient we got... Read More

  • Week 7: Fires, Frequent Flyers, and Riders

    Hello! This week came with a very abrupt start. As many locals may have seen, there was a massive structure fire in Prescott Valley on Easter night/ Monday morning. This not only disrupted my day, but also changed everything in the department. I was stationed downtown and expected to ride with a certain crew, but... Read More

  • Week 5: Dear Diary

    Howdy! Coming back from spring break, this week has been very refreshing. Before I took my time off, my rides were going very slowly, and I was only getting a few calls per shift. This week was busier, and I got to see some new situations. On my first ride, I saw my first potential... Read More

  • Week 4: Slowing Down

    Alright let's get started. This week did not go as I hoped. Although nothing went wrong, it was just slow. Overall, I had two calls, and one of them we jumped on just so I can see my first cardiac patient. They ended up being a low acuity call with a failure to thrive. One... Read More

  • Spring Break

    Hey guys! I am currently on my break, but my project will resume this upcoming Tuesday.   Read More

  • Week 3: Driving is One of the Most Dangerous Parts of the Job

    Hi! There were a few things I learned this week, that I most definitely have rider's curse, how alcohol affects behavior, and how stressful driving a fire engine can be. Let's start from the beginning. Overall, I had four calls this week, with three of them being classified as low acuity. The only call that... Read More

  • Week 2: Going, Going, Gone

    Hi everyone! This week was very interesting. During my first ride along, we got 6 calls. I got to see a wide variety of patients from lift assists without need for medical assistance to calls where the patients had a concerningly low oxygen saturation level. As well as medical calls, I got to go on... Read More

  • Week 1: First Interactions

    Hey! This week, I started riding on the engines for my senior project. Overall, I saw four calls, and had one of the best lunches I have had in a long time. One goal of my project is to identify patterns of low-acuity calls, which are cases in which patients call 911 for a non-emergency,... Read More

  • INTRO: First Ride

    Hey guys! My name is Sofia, and I go to BASIS Prescott. In April of 2022, I started volunteering at my local hospital to learn more about the field of medicine. I worked at the front desk until I eventually transferred to volunteer in the ER. Since then, I have spent over a year helping... Read More