Edie L's Senior Project Blog

Project Title: Developing a Lab for Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy
BASIS Advisor: Christine Bradford
Internship Location: Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Onsite Mentor: Dr. Teresa Eaton

Project Abstract

In school and in colleges, we are surrounded by courses laid out for us by someone who has developed the course. In a science class, students perform labs to do a deeper study into a certain topic, but how can a school perform those labs when they might not have the same materials required? How does someone develop a course that is tailored to the school? For my project, I am going to create an experiment for a college class. This experiment will involve developing a step-by-step procedure on how to perform Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy lab. FTIR Spectroscopy is a technique used in areas like forensics to identify an unknown material in a sample. My project will involve performing multiple labs to see if one of them can be used for a course. The course I develop would be used by Embry Riddle Aeronautical University for a second semester laboratory. This will be a bridge for the freshmen from general chemistry to organic chemistry. I hope that this internship will provide insight on the techniques used by certain schools to develop a lab procedure for their students. 

    My Posts:

  • Week 10: All Done

    Hi guys! This is the last week for my blog, and I am very excited about sharing my project! Overall, Me and Professor Eaton think the lab was a success. There were a few problems with the lab such as the wording, but we were able to get so far in the ten weeks we... Read More

  • Week 9: Wrapping Things Up

    Hi guys! I am very excited about the end of this week because it is the final week of our lab. Our labs are all done and we just have one more week to go! For this week, we were finalizing the last edits of the lab. There was some confusion in the wording of... Read More

  • Week 8: Take 2

    The big thing for this week will be to see if the new version of the lab is clearer than the last. This will happen on Thursday. After this week, there will be one more week where students have the opportunity to do the lab. This is because it is towards the end of the... Read More

  • Week 7: Testing Things Out

    Hi guys! This week is an exciting week because we get to see how are labs work out for the students. On Monday, we edited the lab and made sure it read smoothly. We had a staff and a Teacher's Assistant read the labs. We added some more information, and we also cut some repetitive... Read More

  • Week 6: Finally Done

    I can not believe how fast this project has gone! It feels like I just started. We are nearly done with the protein lab, and I am finalizing the FTIR Lab. I will say the protein lab is my favorite lab I have done. It is fun using the micropipettes. I did a repeat of... Read More

  • Week 5: Almost Done

    We are almost done with the FTIR Lab. The only thing we need to do is have someone read through the lab and see if our procedure is simple and clear enough. That will happen on Wednesday. I read the owner's manual for the next lab we are going to be working on. Since this lab... Read More

  • Spring Break

    Hi Everyone! I am taking this week off for spring break and I will resume my project next week. Hope you guys have a great week! Read More

  • Week 4: Revenge of the Samples

    I think my samples have a grudge against me. Specifically Ibuprofen and L-Lysine. Tylenol has been nice to me, but even Acetaminophen has been trying to get away from me. I just came back from doing a revised version of the lab last week. This time we reduced the range so instead it it being... Read More

  • Week 3: Labs

    Hi guys! I just completed the in-person safety training. Most of it was topics that we were taught in school. One thing I did learn was that there are different kinds of fire extinguishers. I had no idea that you can tell the difference between each one. The regular one will just have a tube,... Read More

  • Week 2: Reading

    This week's post may not be that fun or interesting just yet. I have finished the online part of the training, but I still have to do an in-person training session. The training will happen next week on Tuesday. Since Monday was President's Day, I could not meet with Professor Eaton until Wednesday and we... Read More

  • Week 1: Getting Started

    Let me just say I'm excited for this project! On Monday I met up with my onsite adviser Professor Teresa Eaton. She gave me a tour of the lab and the STEM building. I got to see some computer science classes on the lower floor as well as chemistry and biology labs on the upper... Read More

  • INTRO: To Make

    Hi! My name is Edie and I am going to help develop a lab course for second semester freshmen at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. I will be working with Professor Teresa Eaton to develop a lab course on Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy. FTIR Spectroscopy is used in Forensics, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry to identify... Read More