Weeks 3 and 4 Updates

Elizabeth V -

Hi readers! I hope everyone’s doing well. This week my project feels like it’s really starting. Today I have my first interview with a school psychologist. Along with my literary review, the other half of my project is a series of interviews with school counselors and school psychologists in Arizona. I’ll be learning about different counseling methods, types of intervention, and placement for resources in school counseling. This will be helpful for research for my project, as well as my own understanding of counseling. I’ll be reaching out to more counselors and psychologists after spring break, but the two I have right now will be a good start for this portion of my project and learning what I should change in my interview questions.

Last week I worked on my next activity for my on-site advisor. I spent the weekend looking for Pixar and Disney clips that she could show her students to open discussion about emotions. I found five clips, and it was interesting looking at movies I’ve watched from a counselor’s perspective. One of the clips taught kids how to comfort a sad friend, another discussed how to handle feeling left out, and others talked about how to take on disappointment. I liked learning more about how different media are used to teach children these mechanisms.

The rest of my volunteer hours last week were spent working on my literary review more and preparing for the upcoming interviews. For the rest of this week, I’ll start getting ready for the student surveys I’ll be giving out, and I hope to put more focus on that part of my project the week after I get back from spring break. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great spring break!

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    Hi Libby, yayyy that's great you had your first interview! What was the format of the interview (in-person vs. online)? How will you use the answers from this interview to determine their effectiveness on student well-being? I am so excited for you!
    Hi Taara! The interview was online and I'm guessing that will be the format for most of my interviews going forward. I'll be using my answers from the interviews to determine effectiveness by comparing them to my literary review. Great questions!
    Hey Libby, i was really interested in how you researched disney movies to interpret how kids comfort their friends. Was there a common theme that you recognized characters utilizing while comforting other?

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