Week 6: More Data Analysis and Introspection

Kashish S -

Hi Everyone, I hope you all are doing well! This past week has been really busy for my senior project. My AP Research presentation is coming up soon, so I have been mainly focused on doing that. That just means that I’ve been transforming my research paper into a slideshow, and coming up with a script so I can memorize it soon. In terms of my project, I’ve been continuing with my data analysis and just discovering what trends I can find between collectivism, individualism, and mental health changes. Throughout this whole project, it’s been really fascinating to see a real life representation of how our cultural values are so important. For example, Asian countries are more collectivistic, and they place more importance on things like respecting elders, the joint-family household, creating a close social community, and sticking to society and it’s goals/expectations. Conversely, western countries like the United States are more individualistic, with behaviors like moving out at 18, prioritizing just the nuclear family, and placing your goals and priorities above all else. While this has lareglt remained constant for the last few decades, it is quickly changing.

In the last couple of decades, technology has been rapidly advancing, and things like cars, phones, and planes have become readily available to most people. These new forms of technology have been instrumental in leading to a world that is becoming more and more individualistic, as younger people strive for more and more autonomy through things like driving and phones. This new need for independence is still evolving, and it’s been really fascinating to get a small glimpse into how that might affect adolescent mental health, especially when considering cultural values the family holds and how those may be affected by individualism. I’m really excited to see how this trend reveals itself in my data analysis, and to see how among our high school population, cultural values and mental health change.

Along the lines of collectivism, I’ve really noticed how at my site placement, so many different things go into promotion of collectivism and cultural values. At Native Health, since it’s goal is to foster a healthy community, watching and learning how all the events and classes they hold to facilitate these social bonds is very inspiring. I’m excited to continue learning more about this fascinating topic.

Have a great week!

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