Week 6

Sinchana K -

Hello Everyone! In this post, I will be discussing the recent developments in my site placement as well as common themes I have been noticing during my data collection.

As part of my site placement work, I have been working with my mentor to develop questions for our upcoming podcast interviews. These interviews will be with nonprofit founders who advocate for causes relating to domestic violence, abuse, and toxic relationships. I will be working to formulate questions and discussions for the podcast, as well as finding common myths on the internet for our podcast section, Mythbusters, where the person being interviewed will react to common myths on the internet about their field of expertise.

In addition to my site placement work, I have been looking to draw common themes and notes amongst my data results. So far, with the exception of two of the 15 movies, the rest of them have displayed cheating as one of the main toxic behaviors in the relationships with it happening at an average of four instances per movie. Cheating is a behavior that seems very unjustifiable in real life, but in Bollywood films, it is disguised as a way of reuniting with the one true love regardless of whether or not they are currently romantically committed to another person. This is mainly seen amongst the two main leads as they both are written in the story to be destined for each other, and their path to ending up together is filled with disloyalty towards their current relationships. In relation to my second scale, cheating is the one behavior that isn’t acknowledged as wrong by the characters and is instead seen as a necessity for true reciprocated love. This furthers the romanticization of cheating as a positive romantic behavior and deems it acceptable in romantic relationships, even though it is a toxic negative behavior. ┬áThank you for reading!

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    Hi Sinchana, I think the Mythbusters section of the podcast will be very interesting. What are some examples of these myths?
    Alana Rothschild
    Hi Sinchana! I love the mythbusters concept. In fact, I may use it and run with in terms of teaching families about the college application process. Thank you!!

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