Week 5

Nithya S -

Hi everyone,

This week I have been helping more with with the adolescent initiative. I sat in on a meeting with one of our recruits and I took meeting notes. I will always be meeting with the project leader tomorrow to have a debrief on the meeting. I have also been asked to join the planning committee of the adolescent health coalition’s symposium because they would love to have an adolescent perspective while planning. I will be meeting with them tomorrow as well. Also, today I met with one of the data collectors at Affirm. She gave me access to their Annual Family Planning Report for Arizona and this has a lot of information of populations who received specific reproductive/sexual health services last year. I plan to read and annotate this document and incorporate it in my research. Finally, on Friday I will be going to a social worker conference in Tempe. I will be an exhibitor again, and I am excited to see what kind of people I will meet.

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    Hi Nithya, I love to see that you are seeing first hand how your research could impact community agencies. How does Affirm gather their data from the Annual Family Planning Report?
    Srimayi Lakkireddy
    Hi Nithya! Your project takes on an interesting perspective! I'm not sure if this was mentioned earlier, but what are some of the things you do as an exhibitor at a social worker conference?

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