Week 2

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This past week I finally landed on the perfect choreography and song to use to teach my Senior Hip Hop Level 2 class. I’ve decided to use the “exes” choreography by @kellysweeney. I began learning it and observing my own process of integration into muscle memory. I broke the routine down into 3 parts: the pre-chorus, the chorus, and the post-chorus. The pre-chorus, which is what I started with, is almost fully into my muscle memory, as I find myself being able to dance it full speed and “envision” the movements even when I’m sitting perfectly still. I’m also effectively connecting one move to the next, which is a sign that the moves are becoming more involuntary and smoother as opposed to jagged, uneven moves that form as a result of having to think too much about the next step. The chorus however, is still a work in progress since that was learned more recently and I still find the moves very voluntary, and I am needing to restart often on account of messing up. The post chorus is also yet to be learned. But I will continue to practice and learn until I have mastered this dance.

I have also decided to add a new component and make interviews a part of my data collection. I have asked a few instructors at the studio whether or not they would be open to being interviewed about the dance learning process, and they have agreed. I am working on the exact interview questions and consent forms now. I will also dive into more of the actual research behind muscle memory the upcoming week. 

As per the recital choreography, we have finished the entire routine! Now all that’s left to work on is practicing getting down the moves and position changes, group coordination and timing, layering, energy levels, etc. I’ll keep everyone updated.


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