Week 2

Nithya S -

Hi everyone!

This week, I have done quite a few things. First, I reviewed a few of the pamphlets that I reviewed as a part of the community review I talked about last week. One of them was about contraceptives, one was about abstinence, and one was about consent. 

We are actually looking for more people to do these community reviews. It only takes 5-10 minutes. You have to read the pamphlet, then fill a form letting us know what your takeaway from it was. If you are interested please contact me at nithyas.app@gmail.com or my advisor Paula, at PLehn@affirmaz.org with ‘Community Review’ as the subject header. There is also a compensation awarded to reviewers. 😊

As I have mentioned before, I will be attending outreach events, and my first one is actually next week. In preparation for them, I packed safe sex pouches that included a variety of contraceptives, an info card, and even menstrual products. Starting next week, we will be handing these out at the events. 

As for my own research, I will be reviewing articles from Guttmacher. This is a website that specializes in news and information on reproductive and sexual health. I will be gathering general data from the US so that I can compare it to data specific to Arizona. 

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    Hi Nithya, it sounds like you are getting some great experience. What type of feedback are they looking for in your pamphlet review?
    Hi Nithya! The outreach events sound exciting! Is there anything in particular you will be doing at this week’s outreach event other than the pouches?
    Hey Nithya! seems like you had a pretty fun week! What sort of comparisons do you hope to find in the data between the United States and Arizona?

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