Week 1

Prerna K -

Hey guys! I’m going to talk about some of my methodology. I have been reaching out to athletic directors and coaches in order to send out my survey. My survey consists of background questions, the Injury-Psychological Readiness to Return to Sport Scale, and some open ended questions. Examples of the background questions include asking about the athletes gender, type of injury, duration of injury and the competition level they played for. These questions will help me to categorize the data for analysis, and of course support their responses to the scale and open ended questions.  The open ended questions focus more on their psychological readiness, with questions asking about their RTS, fear of re-injury, their psychological side of recovery and more. Aside from the survey, Im planning to interview athletes to get greater answers and understanding to their recovery, with questions such as “What motivated you to continue playing your sport post injury?” and “How do you think you have performed since returning to competition from injury?”

To address my gap, Im going to see how answers vary between different levels of competition. This could be between club and varsity athletes and different divisions( for example the AIA and CAA division list for varsity sports). As of right now, I hope to separate my data between sports and compare the responses of different competition levels within that sport. 

This week, Im continuing to reach out to athletic directors and coaches and hoping to begin sending out my survey! I will also be working on and hopefully solidifying the Literature Review and Methodology sections of my research paper.

Ok that’s it for now.

Thank you!!

-Prerna K

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    Hi Prerna! How will you be determining what classifies as an injury? I'm interested to see what percentage of the population qualifies for your study after they take the survey.
    Hi Prerna! I love your topic and I'm honestly really excited to see where this leads to. I also really like your methodology and the contents of the survey you will be sending out as well as the interviews with the athletes of varying competition levels to bridge any gaps.
    Prerna Kumari
    Hey Rohan! Any injury of any severity that may have caused any set backs in performance are what I'm looking for!

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