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Colin K -

Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog. Throughout this last week I have been meeting up with all of my supervisors to discuss how my project is going. I have a few more meetings the rest of the week. Yesterday (Tuesday), I managed to get double the surveys I normally get! While part of it is due to opening up the surveys to all injections most of the surveys were still for WAMD. I also had a senior project group meeting with Ms. Bennett yesterday. After talking about how my project is progressing pretty smoothly we agreed that my final product, other than the presentation at the end of the research, will be a research paper as it fits the best to the kind of research I am doing and want to do in the future. This afternoon I will meet with Dr. Kirk, who is another doctor helping me with my project other than Dr. Welch, and we will have a zoom call with someone at U of A to help us with the statistics aspect project. With this meeting I think I can probably narrow down what I am actually able to answer with the surveys I have gathered so far and start truly making the connections between certain data points. 


Over the past week since I have finally had multiple full days available to gather surveys, I managed to find how I should truly phrase my questions to make it easier for all the patients to understand what I am asking without having to go deeper into the exact wording. I found by phrasing the questions in a simpler format rather than reading exactly what is on the paper as well as giving a follow up example about a type of answer I can have the patients give quick answers without them having to think a lot about what the questions mean.


Thanks to everyone who continues to read my blog and see you guys next week!

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    Exciting news about your survey responses, Colin. Are there any specific questions that seem to stump participants the most? You may want to include reflections about the efficacy of your survey tool in your paper!
    Hello Colin, Have you gathered any statistics on the number or percentage of people affected by WAMD in the U.S., and particularly here in Arizona? Has the prevalence of the disease increased or decreased in the past decade? I was also curious about your survey results so far. Have you noticed any trends? Maybe along gender or based on age groups?
    Hi Ms. Bennett, I feel the questions that usually stump the participants the most are the question 10 and 11 of the survey due to them being on a scale of 1-10 participants will usually ask if I can repeat the questions again or give an example of how it could apply to them.
    According to the CDC, in Arizona around 8% of adults ages 40-64 have developed WAMD, 20% ages 65-84, and 47% ages 85 and up. With more and more people beginning to live longer lives the amount of people starting to develop Dry AMD is rapidly increasing as well as the smaller percentage of AMD cases that further develop into Wet AMD. While I have yet to notice trends in the surveys based off of age or sex, I have noticed small correlations between the number of injections that patients are getting in a year. If a patient has to come in for more than 6 injections in a year I have noticed they either respond with the injections have a massive impact on their daily life or that they come in for so many injections that it is now part of their daily life.
    Alana Rothschild
    So glad you got more surveys!! Congratulations. I also love that you are learning about how important wording is. Sounds like you have lots of meetings coming up. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks Ms. Rothschild, with the project beginning to enter the last couple phases I think I will begin to have a lot more meetings with my advisors.

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