Techno-savvy or not?

Shreeya D -

Hi everyone, welcome back to the weekly updates. Over the past weeks, I’ve been making edits to the final research presentation with the template to make sure the words are visible on the auditorium screen, and I’ve been exploring some websites for my animation video. For my presentation, I wanted to focus more on immunotherapy’s process and its effects. For my video, I’m probably going to use Krita or Blender for the frame by frame animations while using After Effects for the motion graphics, but I might change that in the future since Krita is a bit difficult to understand and use. But stay in touch, as I’ll be uploading another blog post soon with the updates. Thank you everyone and stay tuned!

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    Hi Shreeya! I love everything you’ve been posting about so far and can’t wait to see the final product and your presentation!

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