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Hello, welcome back!

Since I’ve been talking a lot about the code and physics part of my project recently, this week I’ll be sharing a bit about the paper I’m writing in addition to the MATLAB code. 

The program I’m using is called Oveleaf which uses the software LaTex. Unlike using word or google docs, it’s very easy to change the format of the paper, as it automatically rearranges text, images, and tables. For one document, there are three ‘workspaces’. On the left is the outline and list of every image imported. The middle is the main workspace where you type the LaTex code in. After you recompile, the right side displays the most updated version of the final document.

Overleaf Display

I’ve been using the Overleaf website and other online sources to learn the LaTex commands for importing images, arranging the tables and equations, in addition to my advisor Akash’s expertise. He shows me many ingenious formatting methods that I’m able to replicate and use throughout the paper. 

In addition to a poster, this paper will be my final product of the project. It includes a brief mission design overview with information about the solar system, Jupiter, and Eris, as well as the instruments that would be onboard the spacecraft. 

The main section- “Methodology”- contains an explanation of every stage in the trajectory from Earth to Eris with the physics principles and equations used in the MATLAB code. I have also created and included many diagrams to give the reader a visual representation of each stage. Finally, the velocity values and amount of fuel used for each maneuver are presented in tables throughout this section. 

It has been great learning how to write professional research papers from Joskua and Akash. Thanks for reading!

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    Hi Payton, I love that you are using so many cool tools with your project. Do you think you will use Overleaf in your future education and professional career?
    Alana Rothschild
    Hi Payton! I need to check out Overleaf- it looks very handy! I am excited that you are creating a poster along with your research paper. Keep up the amazing work!
    Ms. Bennett- Yes! Overleaf is widely used in research fields as well as in college. Many lab reports done in college will require Overleaf/LaTex.

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