Ho’i Hou Ka Mauli Ola: Pathways to Native Hawaiian Health

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to this week’s blog! In this week’s blog I will be talking about a book I read this week and what I learned from it. The book I read is “Ho’i Hou Ka Mauli Ola: Pathways to Native Hawaiian Health,” by Winona K. Mesiona Lee and Mele A. Look, which explores various aspects of Native Hawaiian health and wellness.

The book delves deep into traditional Hawaiian healing practices, cultural perspectives on health and wellness, and contemporary challenges faced by the Native Hawaiian community regarding healthcare access and disparities. It also discusses how historical and social factors have impacted the health of Native Hawaiians and present strategies for revitalizing traditional healing methods within modern healthcare systems.

Themes such as community-based approaches to healthcare, the importance of cultural identity in promoting well-being, and the intersectionality of health with environmental, social, and economic factors are also explored in the book. These are aspects that I am studying and analyzing, so I was able to get a deeper understanding of them as well as get more information that I wouldn’t get from articles. Additionally, the book highlights efforts to empower Native Hawaiians to reclaim their cultural heritage as a means of promoting holistic health and resilience.

“Ho’i Hou Ka Mauli Ola” offers insights into the unique health perspectives of the Native Hawaiian community and proposes pathways for improving health outcomes through culturally relevant interventions and policies

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    Hi Saahithi! It's nice to see the progress in your research! How do you plan on incorporating this new information you have found out about Native Hawaiian healthcare to answer your main research question?
    Hi Saahithi, sounds like a great book! Any reason why you chose to study native Hawaiian populations in particular?

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