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Dishita K -

Hello Everyone!

  This week I am still waiting for responses back from several independent behavioral health centers which I have contacted. I will continue looking for centers which I could reach out to and request to distribute my survey to. I have emailed Banner Scottsdale as well and am also still waiting for a reply from them. I have received two replies to my survey from the staff of Banner Thunderbird behavioral health so far. At the end of this week, I plan to send followup emails to the locations I have not received any response back from. 

The activity again this week was Uno cards and making bracelets. It was really cute to see all the kids make bracelets for their parents or siblings with their favorite colors. Each kid had their own idea and all of the bracelets reflected their personality whether that was through all the various different colors they used, the patterns they chose, or the specific bead types they used. Some ended up being chaotic filled with so many colors and types of beads while some were organized with a color scheme. I also loved listening to them talk about the person they were going to gift it to and seeing the children’s eyes fill with excitement about the reaction of said person when they receive the bracelet. 


Thank you,

       Dishita Kolla

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    Moksha Dalal
    Hi Dishita! This is so interesting! Did you notice a trend between the colors the kids used and the type of personality you observed they had?
    Hi Dishita, I hope you get some more survey responses! Have you had the opportunity to explore family therapy more? It sounds like most of the activities you are observing are inpatient, and without family involvement. How do you think the family unit could promote therapeutic goals, even at an inpatient facility?
    Brittany Holtzman
    Hi Dishita! How much time do these patients typically spend doing activities like these and how much time do they spend in individual or family therapy each week? -Mrs. Holtzman
    Brittany Holtzman
    Hi Dishita! Do you know about how much time the kids are spending doing activities like these and how much time they are in individual or family therapy? - Mrs. Holtzman
    Hi Dishita! I hope you get the responses you need! Do you think that if the parents were also making bracelets alongside their children, that this shared activity would make a difference in behavioral therapy?

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