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Elizabeth V -

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! My project only officially started two days ago, so as far as updates go I don’t have a ton. I’m waiting for a volunteer packet to be cleared so my on-site volunteering likely won’t start until next week but I’ve found projects to work on at home for this week.

This week I helped my on-site advisor set up a Valentine’s Day project for her students. I think it’ll be very interesting to learn about the kinds of counseling activities that school counselors use for their kids because most psychology classes focus on treating adults. It’s so cool that counselors find ways for kids to express their emotions and learn how to cope, when kids aren’t as able as adults to figure out these emotions.

For example, the craft we put together this week focused on having the students listing things that they love. I’m going to make an extra copy of each craft that I set up so that if I do end up going into a career like this, I’ll have a head start on crafts and projects that I can use. I love that I’m finding ways that this project will help me in the future on top of just the final presentation and product.

One of the other projects I helped with this week was looking through youtube videos to find one that talked about how to talk about and reflect on emotions. It was very helpful for me to watch these videos because it showed me the language that counselors use to explain psychology to children. 

I’m becoming more and more excited about this project with each day and I can’t wait to learn more as I dive deeper into this research, and I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you guys.

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    I remember doing these kinds of activities in elementary school. It will be interesting to look back on those crafts which we thought were just fun activities and see how they were discreetly designed to manage our emotions. Thanks for sharing!
    Payton Miller
    It's great how you're making sure to take as much out of this experience as you can, even on the slow weeks. I can't wait to hear more about what you do in the coming weeks!
    Ms. Bennett
    Hi Libby, I am so excited to see that you are exploring some of the different modalities that school counselor utilize in their practice. Social emotional lessons are so important and impactful! Do you think there are benefits to the classroom or group format of a lesson like this, versus an individual session?
    Hi Ms. Bennett! Thanks for your comment! I think there are definitely benefits to both. From what I've seen so far, group formats have the advantages of taking up less time than one on one sessions, but they also take away some of the pressure on the students since they're not the only ones that have to share their emotions and feeling. They also get to be around other kids their age that are dealing with similar emotions and feel less alone.
    This is so interesting! What made you want to research this?
    Hey! What challenges have you faced while collecting your data?

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