Finalizing Survey Results

Colin K -

Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog. Throughout this past week I have been meeting more with my advisors and we decided the end of this week should be when I stop collecting surveys for my own project and start analyzing and grouping my data. However I will still be working with ARC and Dr. Welch to gather surveys for their own research! After all of the meetings this week and talking about the final product I decided I might not do a research paper as my final product and do a smaller but more concise pamphlet or something similar. I am still not fully decided on whether I will do the paper or pamphlet so I am going to meet with Madame Owanga on Friday to finalize my decision so we can begin working on it.
With finishing up the surveys I have begun to see a few patterns that emerged and one clear distinction on how I might break up the data. Since the most injections a patient can get in a year is 12 (1 every month) I am making some of my comparisons based on patients who get more than 6 injections a year and patients who get 6 or less injections a year. One smaller issue that might come out of this is that I will probably have a lot more surveys from patients with more than 6 injections since to qualify for the survey patients must have had 3 or more injections in the past year. This means that the data set below with 6 patients and below will only have patients with 3-6 (4 possible patient surveys) while the data set of more than 6 injections will be from 7-12 (6 possible patient surveys). I could split the data into 3-7 injections and 8-12 injections for the groups but I would want to get Dr. Welch’s advice before making a decision about it.
That’s all I have for this week’s updates so thanks for reading!

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