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Today I will be focusing less on the scientific aspect of batteries and instead I will be analyzing the costs of batteries and renewable energy as a whole.

For obvious reasons, obtaining renewable energy from the sun and wind is free but building the technology to convert these forms of energy to supply power can be expensive. 

The tesla batteries that I looked at two weeks ago can be upward of $1 million for a single megapack. Installing solar panels, while it may save money in the long run, also has its significant costs. Wind turbines are 2-3 Megawatts in power making each wind turbine cost $2-$4 million to build and another $40k-$50k to maintain throughout the year. 

What I have seen in my time at SRP is that while lithium-ion batteries and renewable energy is the most preferred method of storage right now, there is a lot more involved being the “going green” movement which includes money that is not always easy to get or for people to spend. This has probably been the biggest hurdle in my research of proving why lithium-ion batteries are the best way to go right now.

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